Monday, November 29, 2010

My "Hopey Changey Stuff!"

Today an unknown publisher released something like 250,000 documents dating back to 1966 about Iraq and Afghanistan.Something like a third of those documents were classified until today and every single document sheds light on the secretive agenda that the U.S. government has embarked on for the last two and some change centuries! The WikiLeaks website and its publisher have given me, and hopefully many others, a sense of hope. The leak of classified information is not necessarily detrimental to the people of the United States! It is extremely detrimental to the U.S. government and how it does business with the outside world! The separation of these two ideas is very important in this discussion because the puppet media will establish these two ideas as one in the same. The people need the government to go about its business a different way so that peace and prosperity can reign. The peace and prosperity of not just U.S. citizens but also the world, in which the free market again and again decides against.
The free market does seem to be the aggressor in this discussion and will also be what is referred to as the government's "business" and both should be seen as oppressing and unequal. The more and more the website WikiLeaks publishes, the more and more citizens will recognize the hypocrisy that lies in the "business" of the government. I vote and pay taxes as well as consider myself a stand-up citizen who spends when I should spend and well, spends when I shouldn't spend, how American of me right?  But, the oppression of the United States is well documented and for the most part taught in colleges that the government allocates funding to. Yet it's a larger issue than just civil rights which should be regarded as the most important legislation in U.S. history (14th Amendment, Civil Rights Act of 1964). The oppression is rooted in poverty, and the inequality is in capital. The majority of citizens in my opinion are negligent to the oppression though, but why when most everyone knows there is a large proportion of poor and a small proportion of wealthy? This question is absent an answer but hope was released by WikiLeaks today, and we should all celebrate today as the beginning of change, or something like Independence Day II!
The mass media is now reporting that the website WikiLeaks will release more classified information in the near future. This time the unknown publisher will embark on domestic issues, HOORAY! My favorite! It will release documents and emails, from what Dr. Gonzo would call "the swine," also known as bank Chief Executive Officers, as well as others. The hope is growing within me and the belief in liberty derives from the hope that one day it will be implemented. A country cannot call itself the "Land of the Free" and also embark on its oppressive agenda. So, what's the point of this discussion? Maybe this is a thank you directed at the publisher of WikiLeaks, and okay, maybe its also a crazy rant about extremely relevant information, either way I support the release of all classified documents under the precedence under the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed,[by something], with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.", and of Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address where he states the United States is a nation, "of the people, by the people, for the people." My hope is sometimes hidden within my positivist attitude, but today it was let out to breath until I remembered what happened in the last election.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here We Are!

We are Troy and Rosy. We think we might have some pretty cool things to say. We are also pretty hip, so we put an NPR newsfeed on our blog. The deal is: Troy writes in brown and Rosy writes in blue. We want to write about things that go on in our lives and the things that go on outside of our lives. Clearly, we are centered. Basically, we both want to rediscover our own personal writing voices. Voices that we feel we once had, but have somehow gotten lost in the stacks of analytical essays and various monotonic writings that have taken over our lives the past few years. And here we go.......

Because we are at a loss for our first topic of blogging I decided the best thing to do in this situation is clearly to introduce the family. It seems like a logical choice.

Troy & Rosy

I would describe us as two anything-but-typical people living in typical situations. And yea, even I don't know what that means but I think it sounds right. We are lovers, fighters and most importantly best friends. By the way, I hope to never say a cheese ball thing like that again, but again it seemed fitting. I refuse to write a description of myself but I can write one for Troy (who will probably commonly be known under the form of many various nicknames; a childhood habit I never could break). Troy is a pretty friendly guy with a common knowledge of all things sports. He will spout facts of all kinds at any given notice. He credits this to being an avid reader of the Sporting Green even before he could read. I think he watches an intense amount of ESPN. He is also a caring guy and basically the most supportive person I know. He knows how to crack a joke and I like that. With a list that could go on forever on different aspects of Troy's awesomeness, I think I'll just say I'm definitely a fan of the guy. P.S. He cuddles with his cat every night, which just happens to be on my list of priorities in an awesome person.
 Well now, I am a little more than sports but I do enjoy most things sports. Rosy is a Northern California native and I am a transplant in the region from Reno. We met in the 5th grade when we spent the year in Mrs. Wilde's classroom together. In 2002 we began our relationship with a date to "Ice Age" at the ripe age of 14. Rosy is a little under 8 months older than I am, and her vast wisdom usually proves me wrong. Yet, most of the time we agree, even on which sports teams we should root for! Go SF Giants! We did not marry each other because of religion or what I like to call "parent pressure," but instead because we love each other. Anyway, I feel the need to end this as soon as possible...

Mylo Mychelle is a special cat. She has the toes to prove it! She has these crazy feet, a total of 14 claws on the collective front feet. Mylo was brought into our lives after we accidentally came across her picture on a website promoting shelter adoption. It probably helped that Mylo looked A LOT like Rosy's first cat, Morris Maurice! She refuses to take pictures and prefers to spend the majority of her time on the bed or eating. She frequently fights with her brother, Frankenstein and has a very close relationship with Troy. She acts like a badass, but is one of the most timid cats I have ever known. I took Mylo under my wing because she needed some help after her time in Cat Jail.


Frankenstein (or Fraynkee) Lucypher is the newest member of the bunch, but he has been in the family the longest. He moved over to our house two years ago and much to Mylo's dismay he fits right in. His favorite things to do are scratch at the door over and over every day ANNOYING!!! and lick everything he can get his tongue on. Needless to say, he gets the attention he feels he deserves. Fraynkee sleeps really weird too, he goes face down?!


Lillian (Lilly) LuLu is from the island of misfits. Her first mom couldn't handle her distinct personality and decided cats were not for her. After repeated claimers, by myself, that I would not end up with the cat I eventually did. Even though I'm allergic to cats we have a total of three, yeah, three. But I enjoy each one and probably couldn't live without these rascals. It was love at first sight. Lilly is my homey. Though she constantly tells me "f you" in her own little ways, I can tell she loves me as well. She enjoys catching bugs and climbing trees. She refuses to clean herself , once she peed on me while she was being brushed, or allow bathing so she is, at any given time, carrying an entire forest under her coat. She also enjoys pretending to live in various neighbors' houses and sleeping inside any car with the window down. She's basically a boss.

And there you have it. A blog post.