Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is...

If you know me at all you know that I have a fantasy of living in a musical. I think it is completely logical. In fact, if I had my way this situation would be an everyday part of my life:

 I realize that it was a planned undercover event, but I would be stoked with even that. Recently, there has been a new interest in flash mobs! I am so stoked on these things! Troy and I literally just spent an hour watching clip after clip of flash mobs all over the world. I find it quite entertaining. I like finding the people that I think will break out in dance. Troy thinks when the dances end it is hilarious to watch the people walk away like it's totally normal. A few weeks ago it was featured on Modern Family (one of the funniest scenes yet and a situation I can totally see Troy and I being in with me being Cam) and it made me want to be in one even more.

If I can't be in one, then I would really like to be where one takes place. Can you imagine how hilarious and entertaining it must have been to have been at Ohio State University during this?

Or what about shopping? What if you were buying some pants and this happened?

So for Christmas I want to either witness or take place in a flash mob! Since this probably won't happen to me anytime soon I'm glad I have GLEE to hold me over!

I don't know why the New York shirts are backward! This last video is hilarious. I would pee myself if I was at this place. I love how they put in the audience's commentary with the video.

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  1. That episode of Modern Family made me cry, I was laughing so hard. And I had heard of Flash Mobs before, but I had never seen the freeze thing before. OH! And I have been watching Glee and I freakin' LOVE it!