Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a blog?

Alright Bloggy Blog Blog, it has been brought to my attention by a loyal blog reader (out of 2) that it has been 5 weeks since the last post. Now, I was hoping that the flash mob would be enough to hold everyone over for months to come, but this was not the case. But, in all seriousness, we have just been ridiculously busy. School let out for winter break and it seems that when school is out of session life gets even busier. I can not wait for it to start back up again so I can be on the repetitive schedule of work and school without all of life's other distractions. We traveled to Oregon for Christmas and had a really good time with family from both sides. We rang in the new year in my own style (wrapped in a blanket, watching Andy Cohen) and it was pretty amazing, plus I didn't wake up with a massive hangover...

Lately, I have spent my time staring at the amount of things I need to get accomplished in less than a month to apply for post-graduate credentialing. It's going to be quite a bitch, not to mention the fact I have to get re-certified in CPR and those dummy dolls that they use seriously give me nightmares. But in order to combat the constant anxiety that goes along with applications I have submerged myself in Oscar-Mania.

You see, my friend Jack-Attack's family puts on an Oscar Contest that I usually participate in but I rarely watch many of the movies nominated and, needless to say, I'm pretty sure I come in dead last every year. But this year I have a mission: Operation Sweep the Oscars. Now I'm pretty sure I still have no chance at this thing against some pretty extreme movie buffs, but I like my taste in movies and I have faith that the academy will agree with me. Why wouldn't they? So I have been watching movies like no other. Well, not that much, but more than I usually do. This week I watched "The Town" and "Black Swan"...oh yea and "The Craigslist Killer" but I don't think Lifetime Movies are allowed. I thought "The Town" was alright, but I thought that some characters could have been better developed and I just don't like bank robbers, ya know? But people wang out when actors become directors so I understand the hype, but I liked "Gone Baby Gone" way more. 

Now, on to "Black Swan". First off, I hate the theater. I hate paying that much money to watch a movie, I hate how cold it is, I hate how the popcorn tastes, but most of all I hate sharing my movie-going experience with other people. They always ruin it for me. I hate it when they insist on sitting in my row so that I have to step over them to use that restroom (something that I frequently do). Anyways, I figured if I went to a matinee it wouldn't be as bad. The situation sucked. A bunch of old people that didn't give two cents about my experience and preferred to eat loudly, talk loudly, jump out of control during the "scary" parts, and be overall big pains in my ass. Alright, enough of that rant, back to the movie. I am just now starting to formulate an opinion on it. When I left the theater I didn't know what to think. There were parts of it that I found amazing and some that I found completely unnecessary, like the multiple awkward masturbation scenes. I just keep questioning if I really understand what the main point of the movie was. I think I just have to agree with the overall consensus of the old ladies when we were exiting the theater...."What a trip!"

Overall though, I liked "Black Swan" better than "The Town" because days later I am still thinking about it and different scenes throughout and when something keeps my attention that long....I like it. Plus, I'm pretty sure Natalie Portman has been my hero ever since "Anywhere But Here".

Alright blogtime, I have to go to work now but I promise to try and be more consistent on my posts here and I will be on Troy's case to get some of his stuff up...To know us is to know flakes...

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